A tradition of building community and building better...sustainably.

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Building Better…Sustainably

Mill Commons Apartments feature Low Impact Development (LID) engineering strategies that include groundwater recharge for irrigation use. Deep overhangs for optimal seasonal, sun exposure and LED lighting for reduced energy consumption.

As one of Connecticut’s first Energy Star builders, the Landworks / Nelson Construction Team continues to focus on excellent design, quality materials, and energy efficient construction. In a changing world of environmental awareness and rising energy costs we lead the way by building better homes.

Building Award Winning Communities

The result has been a series of highly successful communities in the Farmington Valley. Since 1995, the Landworks/Nelson Construction team has garnered over 38 awards from local, regional and national organizations, receiving recognition for every one of their developments.

Quality materials, fine craftsmanship and superior design guarantee each home and apartment’s lasting beauty and with lower maintenance. Sensitive site design and generous landscaping ensure old-fashioned charm in each neighborhood they create.

Visit www.LifeInSimsbury.com to visit all four communities.

Landworks Development / Nelson Construction Team:  Chris Nelson, Nelson Construction (left) and Ron Janeczko, Landworks Development (right)

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